Have you been running from the truth you need to confront? Do you find yourself struggling to maintain your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial health? Does your struggle make you feel unworthy and unqualified for the purpose you have been called to? Do you feel at war with the God of peace?

The Conversations on Her Pillow was written for both men and women. For women, it is a purpose awakening voice which seeks to bring them to a place where they see the importance of confronting the truth they have run from all their lives, while teaching them to first embrace their weaknesses and fears in order to conquer them. It provides them with the opportunity to assess the soil they are planted in and harness the strength to cultivate an environment where their seeds not only produce, but continuously evolve in accordance with their purpose. For men, it provides insight into the heart, mind and emotions of a woman, whether she may be their sister, mom, aunt, cousin, grandmother, friend, or spouse.

Women are known to be pillars of strength, but even pillars periodically need to be maintained lest they deteriorate and lose their sense of purpose. The Conversations on Her Pillow encourages every woman to take a holistic approach to purposeful living. Written from the heart of her emotional, mental, physical, financial and spiritual health, it focuses on the need for decision-making; the change of action that will transition her from brokenness to wholeness.


The objective is to guide her on the journey of becoming consistently H.E.R. – Healed in Every Respect.


ISBN-13: 978-1976398704

ISBN-10: 1976398703

In Isolation: Preparing the Potentials in You was written for people who find themselves at crossroads in their search for purpose. Esther J. Thomas uses Christian and secular perspectives to comfort readers and to assure them that nothing is impossible when they believe.

Whether you are trying to discover your purpose or working towards an understanding of your purpose, this book will set you on the right path. You will discover how to navigate the various stages of life and learn the importance of preparation, especially in periods of isolation. 

This book will emphasize the importance of isolation and explain how submitting to the process is vital to your success. 


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