The Developer: Transition Your Million Dollar Business Ideas

The Developer: Transition Your Million Dollar Business Ideas


Do you have a business idea that you know has profitability potential, but you just don't know how to get it off the ground? Are you tired of attending entrepreneurship webinars, business expos, and spending monies on short courses and consultations that leave you confused?


The Developer is a step by step guide in navigating your business ideas from conception to delivery. Start building your empire today with a practical, easy to follow guide for performing market and financial analyses, including the use of SWOT, Porter's Five Force models, process flows and strategy development assistance. Develop as many as 10 business ideas at once. A Business Idea Developer Resource section is included to allow you to make boss moves, conduct your business like a professional and obtain an unfair advantage in your industry.


Up your game with a results oriented, money making plan to develop your million dollar business idea!


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