Passionate Pursuit

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to be an author and a world renowned speaker. The ideas were magical and exciting as a child, not forgetting how easy I thought it would be to slip my feet into those shoes. I loved singing; and I loved dancing. But something magical happened every time I held a pen in my hand. Without effort, stories were written, business plans were created, and book drafts were penned.

I can remember the words of my mother, Jacinta Byers. One afternoon as I sat quietly and comfortably in my safe haven (my bedroom), she said: be careful your hand doesn't fall off with all this writing you've been doing. As if I were in another world, unbothered, I continued writing as it motivated me that my present position, was just the beginning of a passionate pursuit. No one could fathom why a young girl would constantly isolate herself to write, sing, and dance. As if there weren't better things to do like play dolly house, or hang out with friends, I looked forward to being alone every afternoon.

On the subject matter of friends...didn't have much growing up. Probably, just probably, that is one of the reasons why I had sufficient time at an early age to devote and invest in my passionate pursuit. What do you think?

While I'm here, let me also make mention of the numerous occasions I have revisited the drawing board of my career aspirations. If I am to begin counting the many times I have changed my career choice, you would perceive me to have had a double minded childhood.

Time progressed and the existence of roadblocks called fear, lack, insecurity, low self-esteem, doubt, financial deprivation and procrastination, walked parallel to me. Bombarded by the possibility of what looked like success and the reality of what opposed this possibility, I lived on the fence of my dreams and aspirations until one day, I had to make a decision. Fortunately, the decision was not whether my reality would defeat my possibility, but rather, whether I would allow my reality to defeat my possibility.

I could no longer blame my upbringing and what life presented me with. Support gained from the crutches of fear, lack, insecurity, low self-esteem, doubt, financial deprivation, and procrastination, could no longer be used as excuses. Like a ship out at sea, my life had set sail, and I was the only captain aboard. If I were to capsize, who would be held accountable for my obliteration?

Truth be told, this life often encourages us to identify several persons or situations, that can be held accountable for our failures and mishaps. It amazes me, because I have often wondered why we would settle for creating a platform for blames and finger pointing, before establishing a foundation where we would try, take risks, create opportunities, and become first movers.

To you reading this blog post, let me encourage you that even if you have failed or you are presently failing, this is not the end of the road. You can make it. Without a doubt, your dreams can become your reality; but you first have to believe that. If you're waiting on someone to persuade you that you're going to make it, honey child, just fail already! But if you are tired of being average and mediocre, I extend an invitation to you to find that one thing that you are passionate about, and pursue it.

I'll tell you this though, while on this passionate pursuit, you're going to have to make a decision to be responsible, accountable, and creative. Like a good steward, you shall have to be a good manager of your time and resources.

On this journey, I am not promising you a bed of roses, but I am promising you a lifetime of growth, maturity, and expansion.

Don't feel alone, we're both on this journey together!

With love,


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