No Resolutions; Just Strategy!

It would be remiss of me to start building in 2019 without using the tools of experience, growth, setback, upsets and lessons learnt in 2018, in establishing my foundation.

I believe one of the mistakes we make in attempting to make a comeback is ‘rebounding”. The ‘new year's resolution’ we wrote at the end of 2017 did not materialize and so what we may have done at the end of 2018 was to ‘trick’ ourselves into believing that writing another plan was all it took. ‘As long as I have the plan, written and in my peripheral, I’ll make it happen’. In actuality, we set ourselves up for cyclical defeat when we redo what was intended to be undone.

Normally, at the end of each year I would be busy writing my ‘new year’s resolution’. For the past three years, I consciously decided to spend time reflecting, introspecting, praying and visioning. This period not only provided me the opportunity to unwind and replenish, but more importantly, it allowed me to see myself. It allowed me to microscopically identify parts of me that were instrumental in some of the no’s and delays I experienced in 2018. I was forced to realize that my surroundings’ belief in me was a reflection of my belief in myself. To be honest, I thought I was fearless, full of faith and hitting my best shots, but that week taught me otherwise.

While I may not have a new year’s resolution, again, this year, I am confident in the truth and insights of my reflection, introspection and prayer time, which have ultimately helped to shape my visions. I have no resolutions, but I definitely have strategy.

I am not only excited for this year, but I have really began to ask myself if this year is ready for me. I know you’ve been asking yourself if you are ready for this year, but let’s flip the script. Ask yourself, ‘is 2019 ready for me?”.

I’ve got vision, strategy, power and authority in my arsenal. Though I did well in 2018, according to my introspection report, I could have done more. I should have done more. However, my objective is not to lament, but to identify the weaknesses and loopholes where doubt, procrastination, fear, indecisiveness and depression managed to subtly lower themselves into my safe place. I am now wiser. I’ve already implemented the necessary controls (including setting boundaries). Oh! By the way, I’m now assessing risks. I determine which risks are tolerable and which need to be mitigated.

What have you been up to?

Clueless about how hard 2018 might have hit you or taught you lessons in some unprecedented ways, I have shared my journey with you so that you know you have a sister who faced the same struggles as you did, but intentionally made a decision to commit to becoming everything greatness contracted her to be. I am not perfect. I don’t have it all together. But one thing I do have apart from God, is determination. Baby, that will get me far.

I’m praying for you that you step out of the safe place which was initially meant to protect you, but has now become your limitation. I know you can do it! It’s not too late to commit the first weeks of this year to finding out what strategies and tools you need to build in 2019. I did it, so can you!

On this note, I dare you to pursue everything even you deemed impossible and unattainable.

Because I believe in you, I do not wish you happy new year, but I do wish you,


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