Challenge Your Perspective!

If we're not careful, we could easily walk around this earth with our heads hanging low. But what's the point of merely existing? How much can you do? What impact can you make if you choose to merely exist?

Whether you're battling unemployment, baby daddy issues, roadblocks, poor time management, trying to figure out what the next move is, stubborn children, failing marriage, or repeat issues, I want you to take a minute to refocus. Let go, sit up, and take a deep breath in. Now, exhale!

I promise I won't be long! But I really want to challenge your perspective.

Whatever you're faced with right now, you are not the first or the only person dealing with it. And if you were to take some time to do a little research, you'll realize that no one has ever died from it. If that's the case, why are you complaining and walking around as a 'living dead'? Why do you fail to see that what you are faced with has only come to build your faith muscles?

I dare you to put your war clothes on. Commit to prayer, meditation and rest. Slip those heels on, lace those boots up and put your game face on! You can win. You will make it. You won't just survive this; you'll thrive through this.

Challenge what you see and command it to conform to what you believe!

I've got my game face on; how about you?



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