Here's How You Can Start Your Business Right Now!!

Almost everyday, I am asked the question: "How do I develop a business idea?".

Without you even saying a word, I am confident that you have watched just about all the entrepreneurship videos on YouTube, attended business webinars, workshops, conferences and expos, even spent hundreds of dollars in consultation fees, and you still haven't grasped the fundamental principles and steps in taking your business from 'idea' to 'reality'.

COVID-19 has left the world jaw dropped, as it continues to experience its highest unemployment rates, with families and homes having no food, money and shelter. The questions many are asking are: "How secure is my job?". "Will I eventually be sent home?". "What's next?". "How do I start over with no money?". Many are now faced with the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs, as a last resort.

However, one of the major downfalls I have observed that potential entrepreneurs have experienced, is starting a business without understanding the 'why' of the 'what' they are excited about. Even I made this mistake in the early stages of my entrepreneurship journey. Quite frankly, even if you have a million dollar business idea but you are not knowledgeable of the industry in which your potential business will exist, your competitors, external factors which pose significant risks to your business, or you do not have a plan as to how you will execute it, you WILL fail! It is just a matter of time before it happens.

For some of you, you do have an excellent business idea, but you just don't know which step to take next. There are many entrepreneurs, friends and family members that you'd like to ask for help, but you just don't want to be given the rejection card again. Trust me; I've had my share and know the feeling pretty well.

It is on this premise I devoted time and thought to developing a 'journal' that would allow you to develop your business ideas like a boss.

'The Developer' is a step by step guide in navigating your business ideas from conception to delivery. This goal mine will allow you to:

  1. Mind map your business idea in order to achieve purpose maximization;

  2. Identify the 'why', 'who', and 'how' of your business idea;

  3. Properly research and develop your business idea;

  4. Perform market and financial analyses;

  5. Understand the supplier bargaining power, customer bargaining power, threats of substitute products and entrance barriers in your specific industry;

  6. Identify and establish business differentiation and competitive advantages for sustainability and profitability;

  7. Develop marketing and branding strategies;

  8. Strategically create your vision and mission statements;

  9. Develop process flows for efficient operation;

  10. Capture detailed, product and market information for integration into your business plans and business proposals;

  11. Develop as many as 10 business ideas at the same time, and

  12. Carry your 'filing cabinet' wherever you go.

A Business Idea Developer Resource Sheet is also included to allow you to make boss moves, conduct your business like a professional, and obtain an unfair advantage in your industry.

Hiring a consultant may run you anywhere between USD $250 - USD $500, per hour. And if you're considering contracting a business or freelancer to develop your business idea for you, it will cost you thousands ($000,000).

For only USD $13.99, you can purchase a copy of this income generator for yourself and every member of your household. Imagine the life you and your family can live if each member of your household is able to develop and operate their own businesses. Imagine being able to shift the trajectory of the health and wealth of your generation, by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Instead of telling your children to go to school to get a job, why not teach them how to create jobs.

Of all the investments you will have to make in your business, this is the most economic and will yield the highest return.

Get your copy today. Sow a seed into someone's life. Get your children in on the entrepreneurship journey at an early stage.

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