REST: Redefining Everything through Self-Therapy

I recently took a sabbatical from blogging; but I’m back! During this time, I felt as though there was so much I should have been doing (like...blogging every month), until I gave birth to fresh perspectives, received new insights, had some time to regroup and plan for the future. Although this was not the primary objective of my sabbatical, it allowed me to realize that success, growth, maturity, stretching and birthing, all require ‘REST’.

For the purpose of this blog, let’s define REST as: Redefining Everything through Self-Therapy (at least that’s what I experienced). Similarly, the Merriam Webster Dictionary defines rest as: “peace of mind or spirit; a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities”. However, the same source provides a particularly interesting definition of the word ‘rest’. It says: “something used for support”. For a minute I was a bit confused because the word ‘support’ suggests that although an object, human or entity will be acting as either a sounding board or a source of strength/energy, the following factors came to mind:

1. Identifying the need for rest;

2. Determining when is a good time to rest;

3. Making the decision to rest;

4. Finding a place conducive for rest;

5. Preparing the mind and body for rest;

6. Resting, and

7. Getting up.

Ultimately, we rest when we become tired and not because we are considerate of our bodies’ and minds’ need to be refueled. On the contrary, we sleep because we have been indoctrinated that we work in the day and sleep at night. For some of us, we sleep because we either love to do it or it has become a part of our daily routine (...I think we call it napping in 2019). However, although we are in “a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities” while sleeping, as is the definition of ‘rest’, it is possible to sleep but not be rested. More specifically, I dare ask the question, why do you sleep?

As you seek to provide a self-response to the question asked previously, there are some other questions that I’d love to ask you. Could it be that many of us have fallen asleep with the intent to rest, but wake up to the reality that we are still at the same place? Have you been procrastinating on the premise that you are resting, but if you’re honest enough would admit that you have actually fallen asleep? Has your schedule been filled with ‘nap times’ primarily because you’re afraid of scheduling that business meeting, appointment with your doctor, applying for the job or studying for the exam that you’re afraid of failing? What is the root cause for your lack of rest? But more importantly, what are you going to do to ensure that you receive the peace of mind required to redefine everything through self-therapy?

No matter how knowledgeable or adept you are in your industry, field of study or areas of expertise, there is always room for growth, expansion, maturity...there is always room for more. But that ‘more’ does not magically appear out of thin air; neither do you receive it because you are entitled to it. May I also inform you that the ‘more’ we speak of is not attained through success. Contrary to popular belief, it is received as a result of resting. Personally, I have seen and experienced redefined missions, visions, business ideas, goals, wholeness, identified areas requiring healing and growth only because I rested. Pursuing success only allowed me to meet deadlines, attend meetings, make decisions and scratch things off my bucket list. Resting, on the other hand, ensured that I continuously ‘lived’ from a place of wholeness and purpose in alignment with the word of God. Because of REST, everything I do is guided by my life’s mission and vision. Has it always been this way? Heck no! It took a process. And probably you are in a position where you are aware that you need rest, but accepting that truth makes you feel weak and vulnerable.

I’d love to help you redefine everything through self-therapy! Let’s make this simple and exciting.

So you are now confident that you need rest; but like everything else in life, you have to establish an objective. This objective, however, must be based on and in alignment with the mission and vision that governs your life.

Step 1 - Establish your personal mission statement

Step 2 - Establish your personal vision statement

Step 3 - Assess your life over a 3-5 year period

Step 4 - Identify areas which require improvement, growth, research, healing and close monitoring. This step will also assist in identifying tasks or responsibilities that you may have to relinquish in order to prioritize your mission and vision.

Step 5 - Determine what you would want to achieve during your ‘rest’ period and write it down

Step 6 - Physically and mentally identify a place of rest

Step 7 - Determine a time period conducive for your rest based on your self-assessment

Step 8 - Rest in accordance with your established plan

Step 9 - Get up at the end of your rest, adjust your lens and soar

I do hope this has been an insightful and encouraging read for you! Feel free to leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you!

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