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The #1 One-Stop-Shop Provider For Your Authorship and Authorpreneur Needs.

Book a free consultation to learn how we can help you navigate the authorship maze. We coach aspiring authors and thought leaders to write, publish, market, maximize their book sales, and monetize their message and purpose.

Why Choose Us?

  • Superior customer service, project management, and author support;

  • A dynamic team with over 20 years of professional experience; 

  • On-time, high-quality publication excellence;

  • 100% manuscript and royalty ownership, and

  • Lifetime support.

Are You Ready To Go From Purpose To Paycheck?

Inside & In Sight Publishing, EJT Consulting and Business Solutions, and CEO Incorporated are companies founded and managed by Dr. Esther J. Thomas. Harmoniously, they provide unmatched service excellence, efficiency, convenience and transformation to the lives of businesses and people alike. With over twenty years of combined professional experience in education, auditing, compliance, risk management, publishing, empowerment coaching, authorship, entrepreneurship and Christian Ministry, Esther's life and that of her staff are committed to helping people and businesses transition from good to great.


A one-stop-shop service for existing and veteran authors. Services can be packaged or individualized. Customized publishing services also available.


Problem solving and value-adding business solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs).


Customized holistic coaching to meet the needs of men and women who feel stuck, and are desirous of transitioning their lives from good to great.

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Commit yourself to continuous learning through our wide array of online courses. Whether you're interested in Time Management, Profitability Planning, Authorship, or Overcoming Self Sabotage, we can help.

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Inside & In Sight Publishing is a faith based destiny helper; assisting writers with navigating the authorship maze which often leave many confused, discouraged or financially despondent. We assist aspiring authors and thought leaders with writing, publishing, marketing and monetizing their message and purpose.

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