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About Us

Who We Are. Our Mission. Our Vision.

Inside & In Sight Publishing is a faith based destiny helper; assisting writers with navigating the authorship maze which often leave many confused, discouraged or financially despondent. We assist aspiring authors and thought leaders with writing, publishing, marketing and monetizing their message and purpose.

Our service offerings include writing assistance, editing and editorial assessment, manuscript formatting, graphic designing, illustration, electronic press kits, ghostwriting, book launch assistance, copywriting, authorship masterclasses and publishing services via affordable, professional and attractive packages. Inside & In Sight Publishing is comprised of a dynamic team with over 20 years of combined professional experience in the creative arts, publishing and writing industries. 

Dominating its sphere, it prides itself in the holistic approach it takes in product and service offerings to its customers, as well as its unmatched service excellence.

Mission Statement: To assist men and women in discovering their voice, purpose and message through publishing, empowerment and holistic wholeness. 

Vision Statement: To become a leading international Christian Publishing household brand by 2025.

Core Values: Integrity | Reliable | Service Excellence | Value-centricity | Trustworthy | Efficient| Honesty | Commitment to Customers | Respect | Quality | Passion | Continuous Learning | Teamwork

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Our Story

In 2017, our Founder and CEO - Esther J. Thomas embarked on the journey of publishing her first book, In Isolation: Preparing the Potentials in You. Met with much difficulty and resistance regarding service excellence, efficiency, cost, publishing contract breaches and client prioritization, she decided to accept the challenge of providing better and affordable publishing experiences to others. 

As she conducted her research to materialize this vision, she simultaneously completed the manuscript for her second book, The Conversations On Her Pillow: From Brokenness to Wholeness. Meanwhile, a reputable and popular Publishing House contacted her, communicating their interest in publishing her book. However, this offer was short-lived upon recognizing that the offer was more advantageous to the company and their principles and way of doing business did not align with her personal and business mandates. She could either become discouraged and frustrated or chooses to evolve. Esther chose the latter. She self-published The Conversations On Her Pillow and soon after began receiving requests for publishing assistance from several individuals. 

Well, if you know Esther, you know that everything she does is committed to prayer. And so...she began praying about the publishing business that was brewing in her mind. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, she answered the divine assignment to launch Inside & In Sight Publishing. No later than one year, she successfully obtained more than ten (10) clients, with many wait-listed. Inside & In Sight Publishing continues to grow, maintaining a client portfolio of individuals and companies located in United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom and the Caribbean. 

More than just a business, she continues to underscore the message of value, service-excellence and the midwifery responsibility Inside & In Sight Publishing holds, in assisting men, women and children deliver their messages, stories and testimonies across the globe. 

Meet The Team

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