5 Day Accelerated Book Writing Workshop

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Do you have a powerful story to share?


Do you possess expert knowledge in a particular subject area?


Have you dreamt of becoming an author? Do you find it difficult to create something someone would actually be interested in reading?

What is the message of your book? What is the business of your book? If you're currently writing or have completed your manuscript but cannot answer these questions, this workshop is for you. 

Register and learn how to:
1. Establish a book title;
2. Identify suitable chapter topics consistent with the objective of your book;
3. Overcome writing intimidation, and 
4. Conquer writer's block and complete a powerful, life-changing manuscript. 

Register and watch your book build a company that can sustain you and your generations to come. 

Registrants will also receive:
1. 1 hour of free Inside & In Sight Book Publishing consultation, and
2. 10% discount on an Inside & In Sight Book Publishing package.

Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZAtc-Gvqj8oHdLeNp2TQx328uOVkQLeA…


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