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There's a cultural upsurge with the 'soft life' conversations and behaviors. I'm almost certain that you have either heard about it, or see reels, videos, and even tutorials about how you can enjoy the 'soft life'. But...if you're truly building something expansive, impactful, and influential, is the 'soft life' even a real thing? I say, NO! So, let's change the narrative. Let's start pursuing a life of stewardship. There'll be challenges and hurdles, but at least we'll be equipped to better manage them.

Now, let's be honest! We all haven't always been effective stewards. I say 'we', because although we may be excelling in one area of our lives, other areas may be catastrophic, resulting in frustration, debt, anxiety, depression, loss, stagnancy, and regression. Even I, stop to question whether I am being a good steward over the resources, tools, and gifts God has given me at times. Do you?

Perhaps, you're still struggling to accept the above because you've managed to have an okay bank account, build a house, attend university or college, start a business, or find yourself smack dabbed in the family you've always envisioned. However, I challenge you to pay attention to the prayers you frequently pray. Interesting, right? Ask yourself the question, "why am I praying these prayers?" This question is asked as we repeatedly pray for 'things' that God has repeatedly blessed us with. In most cases, it is as a result of ineffective stewardship why we end up multi-tasking, and not multiplying (yes! You'll learn more about this in our upcoming blog). Why? We've become preoccupied scrambling with the fragments of the promises, prophecies, and dreams we hold on to, but are unable to manage.

Think about it!

While we're here, I believe it's the best place to dissect stewardship, the principles of stewardship, benefits of stewardship, the don'ts of stewardship, and the relationship between stewardship and success.

What Is Stewardship?

Stewardship refers to the responsible management and protection of something, such as natural resources, finances, or property. It involves making decisions that consider the long-term effects and sustainability of those resources for future generations.

Principles of Stewardship

The principles of stewardship involve managing and taking care of resources, whether they are natural, financial, or human, in a responsible and sustainable way. This includes being accountable, transparent, and ethical in one's actions, as well as considering the long-term impacts and benefits of decisions. The principles also emphasize the importance of collaboration and community engagement in achieving common goals.

Benefits of Stewardship

Stewardship has several benefits, including:

  • Conserving natural resources for future generations;

  • Reducing environmental damage and pollution;

  • Promoting sustainable use of resources;

  • Encouraging responsible behavior and ethical decision-making;

  • Creating a sense of community and social responsibility, and

  • Providing economic benefits through the development of eco-tourism and other sustainable industries.

The Don'ts of Stewardship Stewardship is the responsible management of resources. The following are some 'don'ts' to keep in mind when practicing good stewardship:

  1. Don't waste resources;

  2. Don't harm the environment;

  3. Don't ignore the needs of future generations;

  4. Don't prioritize short-term gains over long-term sustainability;

  5. Don't neglect maintenance and upkeep of resources;

  6. Don't overlook the impact of your actions on others, and

  7. Don't assume that someone else will take care of the problem.

The Relationship Between Stewardship and Success

As communicated earlier, stewardship refers to the responsible management and protection of something, often resources or assets. In the context of business, good stewardship can lead to success by ensuring that resources are used wisely and sustainably, and that the interests of stakeholders are taken into account. A company that practices good stewardship is likely to be respected by customers, employees, and investors, and may be better positioned to achieve long-term success.

Are you sold on the importance of stewardship just yet?

One of the major observations of this age has been that many persons fail in the area of stewardship; owing to self-sabotage. Is this an area that you desire to improve on? Wooooow. That was a loud, resounding, yes!

Register for our upcoming course on How To Overcome Self-Sabotage to learn:

  • The 'I AM' Factor;

  • Identifying the Root of Self-Sabotage;

  • Self-Esteem vs. Self Confidence;

  • Developing a 'Personal Winning Action Plan' and Mindset, and

  • Learning how to Dominate with Authority in the Earth.

Sounds like something that would set you up to win in every area of your life in this year and beyond? Register by clicking the button below:

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Love, Dr. E

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